In 2017, MACLT received a generous donation of land that will be developed into permanently affordable housing in a development called Arroyo Crossing.


In 2019, MACLT was awarded $4.3 million in New Market Tax Credits in order to construct infrastructure improvements needed to serve the 248 residential units and one community building in the first phase (there are 300 total units and 3 community buildings in the master plan). The new roads will provide an additional connection between the Spanish Valley’s two primary transportation corridors: US-191 and Spanish Valley Drive.


MACLT constructed horizontal improvements in 2020 and will begin vertical construction on homes in August 2021.

20191008 - Arroyo Crossing - Phase 1 Con


Long-term, this project will provide housing opportunities for hundreds of local families and workers, and public health systems. MACLT plans to provide a childcare center (an allowed use within the underlying zone) which will serve children of the local workforce.

MACLT intends to develop the project in two or more phases, with the first phase constituting the majority of the infrastructure and units. However, all of the lots in the master plan will be subdivided concurrently, infrastructure designs will be completed for all phases and drainage improvements will be constructed as part of the first phase.

Arroyo Crossing will provide housing opportunities for hundreds of local families and workers
(300 units). The project includes a cross section of housing; single family homes, townhomes,
duplexes, cottages and apartments. There is a mix of home ownership and rentals. It is a diverse
community within itself, filling our local needs for housing. Included in the project are open
trails, a community garden area, and a natural play area. Plans include a commercial area to fill
local needs and a childcare center which will serve children of the local workforce.

Design Guidelines balance the community feel with sustainability concepts. The original design
of the development thought out ways to be inclusive and friendly. The home design guidelines
address orientation of the home, sustainability, materials, basic design and affordability.
Sustainability is emphasized. Solar, energy conservation materials, secondary irrigation water,
and food gardens lend themselves to preserving personal finances. Decreasing general costs of
living adds to the affordability of living in Moab.

Interested in Applying for a Home at Arroyo Crossing?


If you are interested in owning a home, duplex, or cottage at Arroyo Crossing, please contact the following builders: 


Please be aware that, due to COVID-19, inquiries may not be answered for a few days after submission. 


Information on rental units will be forthcoming by 2022. 

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